BTA - An Introduction

The British Taoist Association was formed in 1996 with the aim of making Taoist traditions more accessible in the West. The founders include four British Taoist priests who were ordained in China in 1995 by Feng Xingzhao in the Leigutai Temple.

Feng Xingzhao(centre) with four Chinese priests and
four British priests who are founder members of the BTA

We organise meditation and internal cultivation retreats and events throughout the year. Our long-term aim is to establish a centre for Taoist practice in the UK.

The British Taoist Association embraces all the different strands of Taoism. We do not regard the Association as a special “sect” and being a member does not require any commitment to a particular master or school of Taoism. We recognise that each person has their own path to the Tao and encourage members to follow whatever teachings and practices are appropriate for them.

The British Taoist Association is a non-profit making organisation run by a committee of members. The Association is active internationally and membership is open to people in the UK and overseas.

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