Roots of the BTA

While the BTA is open to people from all different Daoist traditions and practices – and there have been many strands in its history – the founder members of the association were initiated into the Longmen (Dragon Gate) tradition at Leigutai temple and have received much inspiration and support from the daoshi (ordained daoists) of this community. The following interviews were carried out with daoshi from the lineage of Leigutai. They have been published in previous editions of the Dragon's Mouth magazine and we include them here should you be interested.

Feng Xingzhao – A student of Yang Faxiang, Feng Xingzhao lived at Leigutai for many years. In 1995 he initiated the founder members of the BTA into the Longmen tradition. He visited the UK in 1996 to spend time with his students and participate in the first BTA retreat.

Liu Xingdi [forthcoming] – Another student of Yang Faxiang, Liu Xingdi was initiated at Leigutai and spent several years there. He spent the later period of his life at the Eight Immortals temple in Xi'an. He passed away in 2006.

Huang Shizhen [forthcoming] – Huang Shizhen was initiated into the tradition at Leigutai by Liu Xingdi. Later he moved to the Eight Immortals temple in Xi'an and started learning English. He was the first connection in China for the founders of the BTA and arranged for their introduction to Feng Xingzhao in 1995.

BTA Projects in China

Temple life is at the heart of the daoist traditions in China and the BTA has supported the development of two temples in Shaanxi province. Anyone who has spent time at these temples can appreciate their value for the daoists who live there, the people of the local community, and all those who visit.

Qinghua gong

Funds raised by the association have assisted in the renovation of Qinghua gong, a small temple in a village on the outskirts of Xi’an. Members of the BTA attended and participated in the opening ceremony in December 1998.

Zhenren gong

A new temple established by Feng Xingzhao in 1998, Zhenren gong is situated in a small valley near the cave of Zhang Ziyang, the founder of the southern lineage of Quanzhen daoism in the elventh century. The BTA and its members provided significant support for the development of the temple.

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