Touching Simplicity - a day with Shi Jing

at The Barefoot Barn, Chagford, Devon

on Saturday, May 26th
on Sunday, September 23rd
10.00am - 4:30pm

please bring your own lunch
cost: 25-45 sliding scale, pay what you can afford.

This day long retreat of Dao Yin and meditation are an opportunity to deepen into these core Daoist cultivations. Shi Jing will also give a talk to explain the intricacies of the Daoist view and practices.

Dao Yin is the simple nourishing practice of opening up the body and settling the mind through stretching and breathing exercises. These are often done on the floor or in the sitting posture. Dao Yin, which means to guide and smooth the Qi, is an essential companion to the meditation practice of `Jing Zou (Tranquil Sitting).

Shi Jing is a 31st generation Dao Shi (ordained Daoist Priest). He has been cultivating the Dao for over 40 years and was ordained in 1996 in China by Feng Xing Zhao. His first teacher Gia Fu Feng, well known for his translations of Dao de Jing and Zhuang Zi, was his main influence rooting Daoist cultivation in sitting meditation, which is the integral practice of the Quanzhen tradition. Gia Fu also taught Shi Jing the practices of daoyin and tai chi as a way to become sensitive to the circulation of qi in the body. No experience needed, all welcome..

For further enquiries or to book a place, please contact Graeme: +44 (0)79 86031365
Link with directions and address for the Barefoot Barn:

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