Turning Towards the Dao

Dao Yin and Meditation Retreat

Led by Shi Jing

July 6-9 2018

Heaven Earth Centre, Devon
3 day retreat: Friday - Monday

Ideal introduction for new students!

This retreat will allow us to go beyond simply learning the movements of dao yin and will help us open up to the meditative quality of this important cultivation. We will look at how dao yin dissolves restless qi and enhances the sense of tranquillity and vitality from which clarity arises. We will also explore the passive and active aspects of the movements and work on developing a smooth transition between the postures, which is an integral part of dao yin. The cultivation of softness and receptivity are the key qualities of dao yin, which involves purifying and invigorating our qi to restore vitality and well-being. This is done, firstly, by way of self-massage to warm the body and smooth the circulation of body fluids. Secondly, the sequence of simple stretching movements of the body helps to establish the inner circulation of qi and gently release the blockages that inhibit the flow and flexibility. Easy and undemanding, the movements are done in a soft and slow rhythm to ensure the breathing becomes relaxed and natural.

Cultivation of dao yin comes to fruition in meditation, which seamlessly integrates all the aspects of dao yin. This is expressed in the meditation posture which is stable, aligned and relaxed, allowing the qi to follow its natural pattern. To help internalise this cultivation and facilitate an understanding that goes deeper than just the physical level, meditation will be introduced on the retreat.

This retreat will provide a good understanding of how these practices will be used on the seven-day meditation retreat in July. We feel that dao yin is an ideal place to enter into Daoist cultivation and this retreat is open to all.

Shi Jing has been following the path of Daoism since mid-1970s. In 1995 he was ordained as 31st generation Daoist priest (dao shi) in the Longmen (Dragon Gate) branch of Quanzhen (Complete Reality) School. In 1996 he co-founded the British Taoist Association and became its chairman shortly after its inception. As the BTA’s main teacher, he has been leading retreats and teaching Daoist cultivation in UK, Europe and USA.


BTA membership is required for all those attending our retreats. Please visit our membership page for details on how to join. You can find the BOOKING FORM here.

- House single 335
- House double 285 pp
- Summerhouse | bell tent |caravan 285
- Camping 235

For those chosing to stay in the bell tent, summerhouse or own tent, composting toilets and an outdoor shower will be provided. Cultivation takes place in a beautiful yurt.  If you have any further questions please contact: retreats@taoists.co.uk


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